Our Mission


Our goal is to support people who've lost a pet and assist them in using the various resources to bring their pet home. No one plans to lose their pet. Usually they go missing due to a series of events leading to a perfect recipe for displacement. Our mission is to offer pet recovery services with Compassion and Professionalism.

We are willing to work with clients in financial distress. Please don't be afraid to contact us no matter what your circumstances are. We are happy to assist!

Our Team

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Lyndsey Sturgeon

Founder Lost Paws LLC

Lyndsey is a certified dog trainer that has been working in the animal welfare field for most of her life.  In addition to running Lost Paws LLC, she has worked at the Humane Society for 10+ years.  She currently serves as the Canine Enrichment Coordinator for the Humane Society where she assess dog behaviors, creates enrichment programs, teaches group training classes, as well as works one-on-one with clients. 

After seeing countless people visiting the Humane Society in Search of their missing pets, Lyndsey became interested in the science and mechanics of what happens when a pet goes missing.  Motivated to help both animals and people, Lyndsey completed intensive training through the Missing Animal Response course and launched Lost Paws LLC.  Since founding Lost Paws LLC in 2014, Lyndsey has assisted in the recovery of more than 60 pets across 4 states.



Magnet Dog

Toby is a 2 year old adorable mutt.  He was adopted from the Humane Society of West Michigan and 5 months old.  His presence on site can be the key factor in making a shy dog feel comfortable enough to approach.

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