Nyla, Reunited on day 5. 

woman 10

Nyla was snatched out of the arms of the little boy she belonged to while they were playing in their front yard! Nyla's family posted on Facebook and Lost Paws, LLC saw the post. We kept our eyes peeled online for the pup and on day 5 found her for sale on a garage sale site. We immediately made contact with the legal owner to confirm it was her dog at which time she confirmed it was! The next morning we met with the seller. The person sold her to us for $100 and we swiftly returned Nyla to her family! We recorded the transaction, took a picture of the license plate and saved all of our conversations with the seller. All of this information was turned over to the family and they were able to proceed with a legal case against the thief!

Onyx- Reunited on day 5.

Onyx is an 8 year old GSD that spent the first two years of life in a puppy mill and then one in a shelter. She, like a lot of dogs with her background, can be a high flight risk. She took off from her Dad and went into some wetlands nearby dragging 60 feet of rope! He spend the next 4 days trying to find her with no luck. He called us and we sent out a search party and found her tangled around a tree. She was so happy to see her Dad!! 

Havoc- Reunited after running 9 months.

"Dear Lyndsey, 


Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication. I should have hired you with I first called back when Havoc just got loose. Something just told me you were the one to call. Havoc knew too that you were special. The world needs more people like you. Havoc is so much more laid back now. He is eating 3 times a day and playing fetch with his new ball. I will keep you updated on his progress. I will recommend you to people with lost pets. Havoc thanks you." 

HOPE- Reunited on day 8.

"Lyndsey was called by our family three days after our chihuahua Hope went missing. We had just moved into a new house when a last minute decision to leave her home, after taking her twenty other trips, went wrong fast. Lyndsey was very quick to respond to my hysterical cries, also reassure me that though she was tiny she would be OKAY,  even after days and nights of rain. It was Lyndsey that called us at 6:15 in the  morning after so many times on the Internet the one detail we left out appeared. We had her hours later. Our daughter 10 year old Grace cried for a straight half hour she was so happy. Collin, our 7 year old, couldn't wait to grab her baby. Lyndsey helped me when it felt hopeless. Because of bad health she even called in a favor so I didn't have to search the humane society every few days. Grace asks "how many rescues has Lyndsey had this past week?" almost ten times a day.  We will always have a place in our hearts for her help. Most of all because she cared! Thank you to everyone on the team. Mostly thanks Lyndsey because I would have done it all wrong.

It so happens  Hope was missing 8 days , but found very quickly after she got out. A local vet took care of her, she was taken there by a very nice lady

who knows Kathy Bissell and her pet foundation.  She told her to give it one last effort it worked. We are all together again. Content and grateful!"


Kathleen Roxbury, Grand Rapids, MI

Brandy- Reunited on day 5.

"Yup lost paws brought our fur-baby home and now she is spoiled and happy! She has seen the light getting lose a few times from her harness and collar and she always come right to us now... Brandy is home and not going anywhere!"

Tyler Lowis, Sparta MI

Grey- Reunited on day 66.

"REUNITED! We found Grey, missing tabby cat, from Turner Road near Fenton Michigan, lost August 25th. He was finally captured in a trap. Great big thanks to Lyndsey from Lost Paws, LLC for helping us with traps, wildlife cams, and being willing to drive all the way the Grand Rapids area to Fenton. Highly recommend her!"

Frederick Fischer, Fenton MI

FLOWER- Reunited on day 5.

Flower had just moved to Michigan from Tennessee with her family when she went missing from her new home. Her Mom had passed away of brain cancer and she is all her Dad has. 


After searching the woods for five days, her Dad called us in! We searched a ravine that the owner was unable to access and started to hear a dog bark. We called Dad to the site and from the road, he confirmed that is was in fact Flower's bark! We crossed the fast moving creek and began to try and follow the bark. After going back and forth we kept coming back to the creek as that was where the barking was loudest. Finally, we spotted her! She was standing with her front two feet on a rock and her back two feet in the water. Since we hadn't had any sightings the entire time, it appears that she was in this position almost then entire time. She was unable to get to safety as the bank was too high for her to jump up to. She had no energy and had to be carried up the steep ravine. Once on land and with her Dad, she went potty several times. It occurred to us that she had been holding it the entire time. Flower is now back home with her Dad and done with adventures that involve water! 



Dart/Bolt/Oreo/TheMuskegon Pit Bull, this pup has had many "AKA's" since we have known of her. She brought the community together when she was spotted running loose while dragging a chain. She was very fearful and would not let anyone approach her. We were on site to assist the community with their efforts and happened to be in the right place at the right time. The volunteers were showing us where the pup spent most of her time and she happened to be there. After about 30 minutes of dropping food and using calming signals, we were able to slowly reach down and pick up her chain. She was very underweight and tried to slip her collar so we quickly got a slip leash over her head and walked her to the truck. She was held for a stray hold but her family did not come for her. She was adopted out through Humane Society of West Michigan and is loving her new home!

Jack, Recovered on day 303. 

woman 12

"Jack, The Belmont Beagle"

Is the official name for this little guy. He had recently been adopted when he got loose while on a walk with his new family. His family did everything they could but were not successful in recovering him. Lost Paws was contacted months later by concerned residents of Belmont who had noted Jack had been hit by a car and had a rear leg that was dangling. It took about 8 weeks and a Belmont resident adding a few alterations to our trap for us to get Jack to safety. Jack has since had his leg amputated and is living the happiest life possible in his new home. Feel free to follow him on Facebook "Jack The Belmont Beagle" 

Juno- Recovered on day 182 and then again on day 194.

Juno is a 7 year old Husky that has spent the first several years of her life chained outside. As an undersocialized dog, this makes her somewhat difficult to contain and maintain. Juno was in a rescue for a few months before being adopted out in the beginning of April, 2017. Three weeks later, she slipped out the door and was loose. After being sighted for several weeks, we were asked to come out to assist. At one point we went 8 weeks without a single sighting. Not giving up, we continued to place posters and finally got the call we were waiting for. A family had been seeing her in the woods behind their house and the kids were convinced she was a wolf and didn't alert their parents to her being there. One morning, the Mom went outside and ran into Juno sleeping on their sidewalk and was quite startled! The family immediately allowed us to place cams and traps on site. After weeks of baiting her, stake outs, and chasing cats out of the area, we got the call that she was in the trap! After the longest car ride ever, we got there to find the trap and fencing around the trap empty. Certain that Juno would be secure in the fencing, the family who had been assisting us let her out of the trap before leaving to run errands. Juno cleared the fence and was long gone by the time we arrived. Devestated and defeated, we packed up the equipment to set up in a different area and hope we see her again. Two days later, there she was on our trail cam! Within two weeks, she was back in the trap! We were able to get on site and get her safely out of the trap and back to her foster Mom! She has been adopted by her foster family and is doing great!

Kaya- Reunited on day 31.

​Kaya is a 2 year old Australian Shepherd who went missing from a family member's house. She was on a tie out for a quick potty break when a neighbor shot off a gun and sent Kaya into a panic. She bolted dragging the cable and tie out along with her. 


The family organized serveral foot searches, followed up on countless false leads, and continued to spread awareness in hopes of a confirmed lead. While doing their foot searches, they came across a farm house on quite a bit of property. They asked the farmer if they could search the property and he said "my dogs would let me know if there was something back there". They came back later and asked again and recieved the same response.  


26 days later, the farmer was walking on his property and found Kaya wrapped around a tree. She has lost 20% of her body weight as she had no access to food the entire time.


Kaya is the definition of a survivor!

MABLE- Reunited on day 5.

I didn’t know angels like Lyndsey existed! When she, a stranger, walked up to me and asked if I had seen a black standard poodle in my area, I instantly became involved. Not only because I had seen Mabel that morning, but because I am also a dog lover. Long story short, Mabel was rescued and is safely in an environment that loves her.  What I feel an extreme desire to share here is the manner in which I observed Lyndsey conduct herself in this weeks long search.  Spear-heading the search for Mabel, Lyndsey was professional, knowledgeable, respectful, compassionate, committed, informative and soft spoken. I encourage everyone to make note of Lyndsey Sturgeon at Lost Paws LLC.  Someday you might need or know someone who needs their little furry friend rescued.  You’ll want to call Lyndsey right away! She is dedicated, has a ton of resources at her fingertips and won’t give up!  I am truly blessed by having been a part of this amazing rescue.


Peg Holwerda, Rockford, MI

hOSMER- Reunited on day 13.

"On August 17th, one of our clients was walking out to their car holding their cat, who was also on a leash. A dog barked, startling the cat, and he jumped and ran into the woods. When searches that day failed to turn up any sign of him, Lyndsey Sturgeon of Lost Paws, LLC was contacted. With her expert advice, tracking dogs, trail cameras, and live traps, the cat was recovered in a trap after 13 days! Our client was so relieved to get her cat back in relatively good condition and we sent him home safely in a new carrier!"

Town and Country Animal Clinic

Jet- Reunited on day 5.

Jet went missing while his Mom was out of town for work. He was missing for five days before we were on site. We knew he couldn't be far but the closest house had two outdoor cats that had an established territory. Generally, it takes some time for a new cat to go into another cats territory but Jet was an exception. He was hiding under the porch of the house where the two outdoor cats lived. Those cats didn't seem to spend time under the porch so it ended up being a good spot for him to hide. After some convincing, we were able to get Jet out from under the porch and safely home! 

oLIVER- Reunited on day 8.

Oliver is an indoor/outdoor cat that didn't come home one night. His family knew that he must have been startled somewhere along his route and in his territory. We arrived on site on the eighth day he was missing to do a search and leave live traps and trail cams. Towards the end of our search, we received a call that a cat matching his description had just bolted underneath a deck down the street. We arrived on site and there was a massive deck that he could be under. We checked underneath from several different angles and finally spotted him! Once his Mom started talking to him, he slowly made his way to her and couldn't have been happier to be in her arms! It was an awesome recovery!